Hospital and Clinic Purchasing

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1320 S. Dixie Highway, Suite 400
Coral Gables, FL 33146
The primary activities of Purchasing are to execute contracts and assist end users with obtaining goods and services.

Hospital & Clinic Purchasing Contacts

Rosalind Bacon 
Receptionist & Buyer   /   305-284-5751   /

Ignacio Calle
Director of Purchasing   /   305-284-8963   /  

Sandra Veiga
Buyer   /   305-284-8995   /
Commodities: chemicals and lab supplies, hospital supplies and services, lab tests, medical equipment, seminars and training

Julia Scardino
Purchasing Manager   /   305-284-8996   /
Commodities: apparel, consulting, office supplies and equipment, relocations, uniforms

Hazel Townsend
Assistant Buyer   /   305-284-8967   /  
Commodities: fees & licenses, furniture, hospital supplies and services, neurology, orthopedic, printing

Jessica Gorecki
Buyer   /   305-284-8917   /  
chemicals, computer hardware and software, computer supplies, facilities, hospital supplies and services, lab equipment and supplies

Lisa Cunningham
Assistant Buyer   /   305-284-8865   /  
Commodities: audio and video equipment, alarms, hospital supplies and services, security systems and supplies, pool supplies

Loida Cooper
Buyer   /   305-284-8968   / 
Commodities: appliances, answering services, biohazard waste, capital medical equipment, hospital supplies and services, imaging, lab supplies and services, laundry, medical surgical supplies, medical waste, temporary personnel services and staffing, testing materials, uniforms, utilities 

Zonnie Brown 
Buyer   /   305-284-8868   /
Commodities: books, cable TV, equipment maintenance and agreements, magazines software, surgical products, surveys

Janet Caliendo
Buyer   /   305-284-8969   /  

Giannina Garcia
Assistant Buyer   /   305-284-2926   /