Sourcing Team Sourcing Team
1320 S. Dixie Highway, Suite 400
Coral Gables, FL 33146
The Sourcing team takes the lead in negotiations and ensures adherence to the business processes accepted and approved by the organization.


Irene Perusina
Administrative Assistant   /   305-284-5751   /

Amy Lopez-Welch
Director of Sourcing   /   305-284-5369   /
Commodities: books, consulting, dining services, office supplies, equipment, printing

Claudia Laurindo
Senior Contract Specialist   /   305-284-9004   /
Commodities: cardiology, clinical/nursing, human resources, executive search/staffing, lab services and supplies

Cynthia Bonse-Geuking
Senior Contract Specialist   /   305-284-9002   /
Commodities: lab services, neurology, orthopedic, surgical products

Maita Beguiristain
Manager of Sourcing   /   305-284-8997   /
Commodities: cardiology, consulting, information technology, telecom, imaging, ophthalmology

Michele Traft
Senior Contract Specialist   /   305-284-4414   /
Commodities: athletics, cell phones, facilities, parking, public safety, information technology, telecom, imaging, library

Tonya Rainey
Senior Contract Specialist   /    305-284-8883   /
Commodities: linens, interventional radiology, ophthalmology

Rick Shelton
Contract Specialist   /    305-284-9893/